How to speak in public to create the effect you want?


We are constantly reminded to be original. They say “differentiate or die!” Can’t we really spice things up in an old-fashioned way?

Say presentations, do you really have to go for getty images, gizmos or some celebrities to jump start or make a point? What about your voice? Are some decent public speaking techniques for highlighting, pausing and stressing not enough to stand out? Don’t you just want to hear the dude for a change?

Frankly speaking, the best presentations I’ve experienced so far were those ones when the speakers used articulation, stress, chunking, pacing and intonation correctly.  Off you go, old school decent public speaking techniques! Your voice suffices to nail it!

Okey, okey, you need some other things too – personality and brains? Today, however, let us just talk about the voice. Let’s leave personality and expertise for the next time.


Make sure that you know which part of the word has the strongest stress. Incorrect word stress often makes speakers’ utterances difficult to understand. Mind you, you should pay particular attention to phrases and word partnerships.


When you speak, especially in public, you should speak in complete phrases, rather than individual words. Pausing in the right places fosters understanding! Whereas if you pause in the wrong place, you will change the meaning or at least you will confuse your audience.


In English, for instance, stress tends to come at the end of the chunk. So you sometimes deliberately stress at different places to change the meaning.


It is one of the easiest and most successful ways to keep your audience’s interest. When you want to say something really important, look at your audience and slow down. The massage will sink in.


Make the full use of the rise and fall of your voice, giving your presentation some real expressive power. Tell your audience what you mean exactly.

Presentation is much more than talking to your audience. Presentation is showing your audience significance. Who will do it better than You?